About Our Scones – Becoming the Best in the U.S.

As the leading online bakery specializing in scones, we’ve done our research on what Americans want. A scone by definition offers more dryness than a muffin but more sweetness than a biscuit. However, The Sconer’s scones aren’t like the traditional dry, flavorless scones you may be used to. We’ve asked friends, family, and customers what they like and don’t like about scones, and have formulated our scone recipes to be uniquely delicious, petite, and perfect for presentation!

The result is a wonderfully delicious, Signature Swirl topped scone, made for the American’s taste preferences!

They still pair perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee and are the perfect size to be enjoyed for breakfast or as an afternoon treat. To top things off, the Signature Swirl adds a sweet and playful touch of vanilla cream cheese icing.

They contain low sugar, low butter, high quantities of fresh ingredients, and are made with a high-quality einkorn flour.

Einkorn flour is healthy for those with gluten-intolerance. 

Our scones aren’t packed with sugar, butter, or all-purpose flour. Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside a dozen Blueberry scones:

  • 1/8 cup of sugar
  • Less than 1/2 stick of butter
  • Real wild blueberries
  • No preservatives
  • Einkorn flour

The Sconer is a fun-loving character whose only desire is to spread scones to customers far and wide.

The creation of the character, “The Sconer” was a collaborative effort between founder, Kimi Bahret and uncle, Jason Bahret. Jason’s background is extensive in design and illustration and he was the artist behind the development of the logo. The mountains showcased in the logo are the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming, a part of the world that is close to Kimi’s heart.

Half of The Sconer’s customers ask, “What’s a scone?” 

Given the scone’s lack of accessibility in the United States, many of our customers don’t know what they are. A large part of what we do is educate our customers on what a scone traditionally is, and what The Sconer’s scone tastes like. Customers are hooked once they try them! Place your order today.

The ingredients of each scone flavor can be found on their respective pages under the Scones page.

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