Check out these press spotlights for The Sconer and its Founder, Kimi Bahret. Here you can learn about how The Sconer started, what Kimi’s plans were before taking the leap to start it, and some of the struggles she faces today in growing a startup business.

VoyageDallas – Local Stories Feature

April 28, 2018
VoyageDallas asked us a series of questions about how we got started, what’s our plan for the future, and some of our struggles. Founder, Kimi Bahret elaborates on these topics and more.

The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson – Building America Feature

August 29, 2017
Doc Thompson and his morning crew interviews Founder, Kimi Bahret to hear about her struggles to start The Sconer. On this segment, Building America, they ask questions to business founders of how they got their idea, what made them take the leap to act on it, and how it’s going today.


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