Savory Scone Sampler – Dozen



A dozen petite, savory scones. Here are your flavors in the box: four Sausage Scones, four Dill Scones, and four Maple Bacon Scones. Best for a savory breakfast or as a tasty replacement to dinner rolls.

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Savory Scone Sampler – Dozen

In your box:

  • 4 Sausage Scones: pork breakfast sausage and gruyere cheese make the power-packed team in this tiny scone
  • 4 Dill Scones: a delightful option for those avoiding meat; packed with rich, gruyere cheese that compliments the herb perfectly
  • 4 Maple Bacon Scones: if you’re looking to experience something deliciously different, try this scone and expect to be surprised; these scones come topped with a slice of bacon
About your scones

The Sconer launched with a line of sweet scones but customers kept asking for savory ones. Sausage and Dill were the first two flavors to launch and Maple Bacon is the newest addition to the savory suite of scones.

Best for: those of us that prefer a salty treat over a sweet one for breakfast, or any meal otherwise. To delight your friends, family, and guests, try replacing your traditional dinner biscuits and rolls with petite savory scones.

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