Sweet Scone Sampler – Dozen



A dozen petite, sweet scones, all are topped with a Signature Swirl of vanilla cream cheese icing. Here are your flavors in the box: four Blueberry Scones, four Chocolate Scones, and four Banana Nut Scones. Best for entertaining guests, a quick breakfast, or even an evening treat enjoyed with a glass of wine.

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Sweet Scone Sampler – Dozen

In your box:

  • 4 Blueberry Scones: the aroma of blueberries will meet you the minute you open the package;  made with real, wild blueberries
  • 4 Chocolate Scones: in addition to the chocolate marbled throughout the dough, there are chunks of chocolate chips in each bite
  • 4 Banana Nut Scones: the richness of real banana melds perfectly with finely ground pecans
About your scones

These flavors are some of our fans’ favorites. From The Sconer’s launch in April 2017, customers have loved these go-to sweet scones. They range in sweetness from the Blueberry Scone as one of our less sweet scones, to the Chocolate Scone, being one of the richest.

Best for: entertaining guests, a quick breakfast, or even an evening treat shared with a glass of wine.

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