Many people ask, “Why scones?”

Businesses start with people and The Sconer’s story started with Kimi Bahret. She’s a traveler with a lust to experience life, the way others in the world live. While on a trip to a beautiful Caribbean island she experienced scone and tea hour for the first time. The hotel would provide scones and tea during afternoon hours, for their mostly British guests. After a couple afternoons, she fell in love with the experience.

After this experience, and a subsequent trip to Europe, where scones are very common as a breakfast and afternoon snack food, she started asking friends and family what they thought about scones. The answer was unanimous: We Love Scones! But there wasn’t a great offering of the much-loved baked good, as in other countries around the world. Thus the dream was born.

One afternoon Kimi baked a batch of scones for her little sister, Haley. Haley ate the entire batch of 18 scones! In jest, Kimi called Haley The Sconer, and the name stuck. Its playful nature and descriptor as one who loves to eat lots of scones seemed like a perfect name for a scone business!

The Sconer is founded by a traveler and one with a love for the outdoors.

The dream remained a dream for nearly 5 years. After working in the corporate world all her post-college years, it was daunting to think about the uncertainties of an entrepreneur’s life. Feeling like she lacked the grittiness to start a business, and having the itch to embark on a traveling adventure, she applied to join the Peace Corps and interviewed for a role in economic development in the country of Georgia (Eastern Europe).

Knowing she’d be gone for 2.5 years in a country halfway around the world, she wanted time to travel around North America and spend time with her family in Houston. It wasn’t until a trip to a National Park in July of 2016 when Kimi’s heart was made up to leave her job as a Marketing Director to embark on a North American journey.

She left her job as a Marketing Director in September 2016 in preparation for her departure to Georgia in March.

After her initial National Park trip to Zion National Park, she was in love with the outdoors and the vastness of the parks. Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada has always been another dream of hers to see, so she set it as her northern-most destination and allotted 3 months for the car camping trip.

Stories of the 3-month adventure were shared to friends and family on the blog: During the adventure, she learned she was much grittier than she’d thought she was. Not showering for days, sleeping in the back seat of her sedan, and embarking on multi-mile solo hiking trips were among the many activities that gave her the roughness around the edges she thought all entrepreneurs should have.

So while on the road trip she withdrew her application with the Peace Corps and began thinking about implementing her dream upon her return to Dallas.

She is now working on a big dream of bringing tiny scones to Texans. 

After starting to sell scones at a local farmers market in Bishop Arts (near Downtown Dallas), she’s now expanding her offering to bring scones to customers statewide with The Sconer’s online store. Local deliveries in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area are also available for individuals and businesses.

To learn more about the contents of our scones and their appeal to those with gluten-intolerance, check out the About page. Place an order for a dozen scones on our scone Shop!

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